In the beginning…

For me, it all begins in the beginning. Simple enough? Overly obvious? Yeah, I’m a simple girl. January 1st is the beginning of the year for us. One’s birthday is the beginning of one’s life. A wedding day begins a marriage. A career starts that first day on the job. The birth of a child begins parenthood. In the beginning, God. Elohim began our reality in Genesis 1:1. Since I believe this to be true I strive to live a life pleasing to Him. Not always as successfully as I’d like. But thankfully, there are always opportunities for new beginnings even when I’ve blown it badly. “For a righteous man (or chick) falls seven times and rises again.” (Proverbs 24:16) Or in the words of a Japanese proverb “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Beginnings signify the end of a prior status as well as the beginning of the new. I for one, am looking forward to yet another new beginning in a few minutes.  The “great sadness” in my own life is behind me and soon to be even farther behind. The fiscal cliff may cause a fall, but God the Creator is much bigger than it all. He is outside space time in eternity.  He is in control. In spite of the chaos, lies, taxes, violence, selfishness, and drama. “There is nothing new under the sun.” a wise man wrote. There will be nothing new in 2013. Nothing to surprise the Almightly. He was, and is, and is to come. He’s there waiting for us with an overabundance of love and new beginnings in 2013 and far beyond the future in eternity. Peace. Be still.



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