Do the numbers add up?

Stayed close to home today. Slept in with my black canine child and snuggled under the down comforter as there was a chill in the air. Read. Devotional stuff and Mark Buchanan’s “Your Church is Too Safe.” LOVE his writing. Pretty polished prose, but not too pretty. All-American boy handsome pretty prose- even though he’s Canadian. Must confess, I have a literary crush on the man. Walking the dog was a social event today. Seems all the other dog owners waited til we went out. Normally our route takes about thirty minutes with all the stops to train and play. Today it was an hour and fifteen minutes. Yet another benefit of having a dog. When you walk alone, people tend to not pay attention; or act suspicious if you dare strike up a conversation in this county of affluent busyness. When we got home, I turned on talk radio to silence the hamster wheels in my mind. Glynis McCants “The Numbers Lady” was going to be on in the next segment and was gonna run numbers for a few people. They gave out the phone number and I dialed knowing it was a long shot that I would beat all the other callers. The guy answered on the second ring! I gave him my name and birth date and was the second caller on after the commercial break. The one thing she said that stood out to me, “You need to know, it’s never too late. It’s never too late.” Then she asked if that meant something to me. I said, yes, the man thing. “You’re a communicator. I would just advise you to be proactive. And, do the on line thing. That’s how I met my husband.” And threw in a friendly plug for her book “Love by the Numbers.” How funny. She just affirmed what was already part of my course for the year. Even though the thought of on line dating terrifies me and causes vomit to start crawling up behind my sternum, it’s one of the adventures on which I’ll soon be embarking. A little affirmation from an unexpected place.



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