I am an observer. I enjoy looking, watching, and learning- perhaps more so than many locals caught up in the busyness of life here in suburbia. Not much captures my attention more than what’s left of wild life here. Recently, I was having lunch outside on a patio with some family members and saw something I had never seen before. A bird of prey flew down to the ground and disappeared into a hedge of bushes about three feet high. (Unknown if  it was the same individual or same species pictured above about a year or so earlier at the same place. Happened too fast and my bird of prey ID skills are lacking.) Seemed odd so I tuned in even more as I took another bite of my excellent cheese burger and kept up with the conversation. About three minutes later, said raptor took off from the hedge about four feet from where it had made its entrance. It did not, however, leave alone. It had a sparrow in its clutch. I was floored! I had no idea those kinds of birds hunted that way- even in hedges full of singing sparrows. Everything I had ever read, seen in person, on television, or film showed such birds attacking from the air. I pointed it out to my six year old nephew who was almost as excited about it as me. Almost. We felt sorry for the little bird, but then we were there eating animal protein too. I was so grateful for the experience. So happy to see that there are still bits of the natural world able to survive alongside all the strip malls and cookie cutter home owners’ association housing developments.

Cheeseburger with raptor and fries


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