Happy ________ Day

P1010171It’s here again. That day. You know, the one cynical unattached types refer to as Singles Awareness Day.  It could be more concisely referred to by the acronym SAD, but sadly, that has already been claimed by the Standard American Diet and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And while the lonely pine, bemoan, and loathe this Hallmark-scented holiday, they’re not the only ones who feel it ain’t right. Roy Orbison was wrong -it’s not only the lonely. There’s a lot of angst and anxiety in the paired-up camp as well. Especially for the guys.

Romance is great. But, if one day becomes a litmus test that unrealistic princesses use to measure men’s love while forgetting the actions and attitudes of  the other 364 days – it’s an ostentation.

“In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things love.”

Perhaps, we all just need to lighten up. Couples that want another excuse to have a fun and romantic date night have one. Folks that want an excuse to bake, give flowers or candy, or let their children exchange brightly colored stationary have one. Hey, the economy can use a little love right now. Get out there and spend for whatever reason if you’re so inclined.

For my single friends: Yeah, loneliness sucks; but so does being lonely with a partner you wish you wouldn’t have picked. For those in a space where this holiday is particularly painful this year, stay out of restaurants. Have some friends over and do something fun. Or, order in and chill solo.

A little perspective: this day commemorates a man (or men of the same name) martyred for his faith. A priest who is said to have married Roman soldiers in a day when marriage was forbidden them. That man was later beaten, stoned, and beheaded. A bit more serious predicament than not having a date you’re stoked about on a saint’s day gone virally sentimental and commercial. A guy who died because of his love and commitment to Christ. Yeah, being single sucks, but there’s a lot of other stuff that’s worse. It’s not as bad as being beaten, stoned, and beheaded.

Sad and single today? Bitter and alone?  Please give your self some grace and space. Treat yourself today. Smile at every body. Smile at yourself. Your time will come too. Hang in there!  It’s one day out of 365. Show some love to another single friend that needs it today. Show some love and gratitude to your Creator who really does have the best in mind for you – even if it feels miserable right now. Go in peace, and love  – love as verb and noun.


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