“The way down is the way up.”


At the onset of what to date was the darkest, most baffling and bewildering season of my life, I found myself in the office of a counsellor. An older man – already in partial retirement, but he was very wise and astute. On top of that, he was more kind, caring, and gifted than perhaps anyone else in his field I subsequently had contact with.

He was also a godly man. Toward the end of the first session and the box of Kleenex he had placed in front of me, he said something I will never forget. I have no doubt it was a word from God  to help me press on in the time that has since elapsed.

“I want you to remember something:  … The way down is the way up. … …The way down is the way up. … You are a believer. Remember the story of Joseph. A man who had really done nothing wrong, yet when things seemed to be going his way something that seemed very bad would happen. … God uses those things. It seems very dark to you right now. It is dark. You are down. You are on the way down – and there is probably a little further to go. But I want you to remember, with Joseph, as with other of God’s people: The way down is the way up.  … The way down is the way up. … The way down…. is the way up.”

It sounded so much more eloquent and meaningful coming from him that morning. So simple and taken in context, so true. That day when I was at the end of my rope, he gave me something to help me hold on in circumstances that were out of my control. I have since been able to share this little jewel with a few others. My hope and prayer is that if you are currently on the way down and losing, or have lost hope; you will realize, that in God’s kingdom things often appear topsy-turvy to us. You may be on the way down, but please hold on. It will end up being your way up.


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