Birds in paradise


LOVE my new job. I am so grateful to be doing therapeutic chair massage for a local company. I get to do what I love and even better, get to help people relax, feel good and have a happy respite from their work.

I will be moving around on a regular basis but for the last four weeks, I was blessed to work in an office with two large windows looking out on a planter full of Birds of Paradise plants. Not only are they floral eye candy, they are also hummingbird magnets. And since the windows are reflective, the little birds feel comfortable stopping to rest, unaware that I get to gaze at them while they do.

In addition to hummingbirds, various kinds of finches and sparrows happen by as well. About twenty feet across the asphalt from the windows is a large dumpster enclosure. The fun thing about that is that it attracts another of my favorite species: the crows. I find them fascinating because they are so intelligent and can be very funny to watch. They also have an amusing variety of vocalizations.

While the dainty, delicate and agile avian helicopters sipped nectar from the floral birds; the large, black, raucous, slap stick crows raided the dumpster for good eats. One afternoon they toyed with sandwiches. Another french fries. But the absolute best in dark feathered entertainment was watching them enjoy, manipulate, and fly off with tangled masses of what appeared to be either spaghetti or lo mein.

The new job is reward enough of its own. But having a perfect window from which to watch the local birds was an unexpected added blessing. The best kind. Excited to see what pops up at the next post, and extremely grateful to the Keeper of the sparrows and the girl that loves watching them.


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