Like concrete off a duck’s back


Spring seems to have sprung in this neck of the woods already. Pigeons and ducks are pairing off at the local man-made lake. I am amazed at how what’s left of wild life has adapted to survive and even thrive around here.

Going through some avian photos the other day, I came across these. I took them just over two years ago. Between massage therapy classes on a long break, I would go to the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and study on the patio with an iced herbal tea. A female mallard who was quite stubborn and unafraid to move out-of-the-way of pedestrian traffic caught my eye.

While waiting for my herbal tea I like to chat with the employees. They advised me not only was the female a fixture but that she and her partner had already raised a brood of ducklings in the shopping center that year! The closest body of water was a few blocks away. The shopping center where they took up residence was in a busy area just across the intersection from the freeway.

Learned something new. That it is possible for a nesting pair of wild ducks to raise their little ones in a Home Depot and assorted strip mall restaurant area where there is no body of water. Who knew? On the way out of CB&T the male was out with his lady and so there is a shot of the two of them making waves on the pavement.


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