personnel loss



Haven’t been posting much in the way of  writing lately. Couple of reasons. First physically tired. Got hit with the respiratory thing going around and still feeling occasionally exhausted by it. Second, wrestling with stuff between the ears and behind the eyes.

Written stuff I have been working on still needs kneading. It’s slow going. Right now, it’s more the physical than the mental and emotional, but they are undoubtedly related.

I’m in an interesting season of personnel loss. A few weeks ago, a much-loved grandfather figure in my life moved onward and upward into eternity. Not a sad occasion as he’d lived a long good life and his physical sufferings were finally over.

Last Saturday, a beloved co-worker was killed in a car accident. She was only twenty years old and very much the clichéd beautiful inside and out. Men would gravitate to her line when she was cashiering. She radiated life and energy. Physically active, intelligent, a fellow massage therapist and fan of hugs. Hardworking and fun. What a shock.

Three days ago, a relative I’d met only through facebook succumbed to an infection allopathic medicine couldn’t cure. He was a wood worker and loved making little wooden trains with wheeled cars shaped like letters to make up a name. He sent me one a few weeks ago. It’s still sitting on the mantle where I put it with his business card.

Lastly, my much-loved ninety-nine year old adopted grandma and neighbor is still “missing.” She was taken away by family members just shy of five weeks ago. They are extremely private people and will not give any info on where she is, her status, or if she is even still alive. My gut could be wrong, but it tells me she is. The county has no death registered in her name, but the way the system works, it’s not hard to keep a death from being discoverable. A best friend for fifteen years. Longer than most marriages in this state. No word.

No word. Maybe that’s why writing is such a challenge right now. I am so happy and grateful for all the blessings and progress God has graciously given me in 2013. This is an odd season for me. I have been fortunate where death is concerned. Honestly can’t recall a time in my life where there have been three people in such a short span of time- and maybe four. Another blessing to count.

This week of Passover and Good Friday is about personnel loss. Not personnel in the industrial, business, and governmental sense of the word. Personnel in the created in the image of God eternal beings sense of the word. First-born persons being taken or spared. The First-born of all creation letting Himself be lost so we could be found. Various people lost a public figure, teacher, potential Savior from political oppression, Son, friend, Rabbi, Master, friend. The circumstances, were shocking. Survivors were left in grief and disbelief.  How could this be?!?

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and Resurrection Sunday. The most exciting day in history- when Jesus Christ was resurrected conquering death, hell, and the grave so we can have eternal life and victory over sin.  This year, perhaps I have a little more insight than in years past what the LORD’s death has saved us from.



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