Two big thumbs up

Wow. Just heard on the radio that Roger Ebert died.  I am not calloused, but announcements of the death of public figures don’t typically move me. This one does. I fondly remember he and Gene Siskel on their show “At the Movies” when I was a child with their thumbs up or thumbs down rating system for films.

Later, when I was more mature and wanted to know if I should bother to see a particular movie, I would read what Ebert wrote about it. Even if I didn’t agree with his rating of a particular film, by reading his opinion I would usually be able to tell if it would be a good one for me or not. Besides, loved reading the man’s prose. On more than one occasion I perused reviews that didn’t interest me at all just to relish his writing.

Never read the book, but Ebert’s scowling face on the cover of his “Your Movie SUCKS!” Is forever imprinted in my mind as a favorite. It is for me the quintessential Ebert as critic photo.

Perhaps I grew even more fond for the way he faced his battle with cancer and then found the courage to come back out after the disfigurement that resulted from the treatment of it.

We may not have agreed on everything, but for me tonight a man who holds a special place in my heart is no longer here. I give him and his work two big thumbs up.


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