unexpected orange card blessing

Ran errands today after work. Wanted to get a few odds and ends for the straw bale garden experiment, and some ammo for a long overdue trip to the range – among other things. I had a Home Depot gift card that I keep forgetting to use and hoped to use if they had what I needed.

At my last job, a regular customer found out it was my last shift. He went to put his purchases in the car and returned to wish me the best and gave me said gift card. I graciously accepted and kind of forgot about it. No mention as to the value so I assumed it would be about $5 or $10 dollars.

Today, when I went to price soaker hoses and a new split head spigot for the outdoor faucet, I remembered the gift card. I asked an employee if she could check the value. It was $50! Wow! Thank you, Lord! (I hope he didn’t give me the wrong gift card by mistake. He’s a working class person like yours truly. I also don’t have any contact information to thank him for the gift.)

What a truly unexpected bonus blessing. I got out of the store for a lot less than anticipated with beautiful “Made in the USA” soaker hoses.  Didn’t know there was anything made here anymore besides Sharpie highlighters and some hamburgers. Love it when stuff like that happens. Thank you, Lord, bless A—–.  Maybe I can run into him and do him a favor. Now, if I could just find some ammo when I go to the store!


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