wheat straw bale garden round two


The bales today.


The bales April 21st.


The straw bale garden experiment continues. For the first few days, the bales were watered to keep them wet. For a week or so following blood meal was sprinkled onto and watered into the bales to help initiate composting of the bales. Then the bales were watered and rained on.

The combination of blood meal and watering have brought about a notable color change in the bales. There is also a little sprouting of wheat grass here and there, and an occasional mushroom or two that wilt as soon as the sun comes up.

Since it has climbed into the nineties all of a sudden in the last two days after being oddly cool and overcast, I rolled out the new soaker hoses and digital watering timer for the spigot. To my surprise, the soaker hoses are a bit stiff and will need to be battened down. And the digital timer… it seems the scant instructions are going to necessitate a call to the 800 number on the tiny pamphlet. Delays not expected.

I hope to have all those handled and organic top soil and compost on the bales by Monday. Also aiming to have some plants and seeds installed by then or Friday at the latest. If anyone reading this has any wisdom or insight they’d like to share from their own straw bale gardening experience, it would be welcome here.


Wheat sprouting sporadically on some of the bales.

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