TYRANNY! (a rant)

***Please be advised. The following is a rant. Written from the gut. There will be no footnotes. No university level citations or logical arguments. Just one person’ intuition and expression.

I am tired of being nice about what is going on in DC.

Tired of trying to keep my mouth shut when I am around “progressive” people who don’t sense that something wicked this way comes. That  don’t sense that there seems to be a quickening.


*Want to credit the creator of this, but don’t know who it is.

I’m all for positive thinking and possibilities; but if folks can’t sense something just ain’t right – they just ain’t right! They’re oblivious, ignorant, absolute sheep or some combination of them.

While I wouldn’t characterize myself as afraid, I would say that never in my life have I been this concerned about the future of my Nation and the current state and future of my people.

I was sure that between Fast and Furious and Benghazi there was not a chance the current power brokers would be re-elected. (But then I was sure Bill Clinton wouldn’t after all the shenanigans in his first term. If I claimed to be a prophet you’d need to take me outside and stone me.) It was obvious they were dirty birds, but to see the crap that has begun to come to light this week is truly appalling and frightening.

The IRS is scary enough to any American who earns income, but knowing that it is now confirmed it is being use as a weapon to silence citizens – that’s Soviet level stuff! I’m not buying the lie that it was “just some local folks who took it upon themselves.”

I have not yet begun to scratch the surface where homework on this is confirmed, but hearing various radio sources on the way home from work tonight that it is happening in Washington and other places as well as Ohio; and that a Reuter’s story I have yet to read has found instances dating back at least to 2011 is not in the least surprising. I predict there are Adminstation and high level Democrat party people involved. Again, not a prophet – just seeing the seemingly obvious.

The press, which seems to have abandoned its post as the “fourth estate” finally seems a little disturbed by the course of this government in light of the Department of “Justice” obtaining Associated Press phone records for what hardly seems a reasonable reason. It actually looks much more like an oppressive fishing expedition and bold-faced exercise in intimidation. Finally there is a minor sense of outrage from them. Let’s see how long it lasts.

People who are affiliated with groups with labels like “Tea Party” or who are trying to educate people about the Constitution are singled out for special treatment by the IRS in an attempt to silence them. (Ironically by an Administration with more than one who forgot to file taxes for five to ten years. Really? Hmmm.) The press is spied upon to “find the source of government leaks.” If the government is doing its job, what evil leaks need to be guarded against?

Benghazi just gets dirtier and more appalling. In a training presentation the Army labels Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons to be extremists like jihadists. The Pentagon wants to tighten or eliminate First Amendment rights crucial to a military chaplain’s job. Jihadist brothers in Boston who fit the profile the Feds still insist on ignoring are missed by the FBI because of political correctness if not worse. Martial law is practically implemented in the search for said jihadists and didn’t even result in the ultimate capture of the remaining suspect. Need it be mentioned that someone from the administration was floating the idea on April 15th the bombing was likely a tax protestor type as opposed to the profile it turns out to be almost every time?

Fast and Furious never really resulted in anyone being held accountable at the top-level. Feds are buying ammo for the homeland and outfitting domestic vehicles with armor better than that on vehicles in war zones. The Fourth Amendment never made it back on the return flight. The guy who likely knew about Fast and Furious and who may one day be nominated to the Supreme Court did nothing when Black Panthers were intimidating voters. He also did nothing when active military people were deprived of their right to vote due to “technical difficulties.” Civil rights are apparently selective not inalienable. Like the right to life if you’re still in or just out of the birth canal.

Or like Second Amendment rights. “Shall not be infringed upon” … unless Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer or other folks with CCW’s and body guards want to take your guns and ammo or place ridiculous restrictions on them.

The deficit and government budget. Need anything be said? But,  does anyone in the White House even consider it might be a nice gesture – if only PR and not genuine – to do a little less frequent and extravagant travel and save money? In an economy where so many still can’t get jobs and students can’t get classes or afford them, and graduates feel ambiguous or down about their future… wouldn’t it be a nice gesture? And while the President continues to allow corporations of the ilk of Monsanto to mow down little people, make government policy,  and rape Mother Nature his wife plants an organic garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Really?

Not yet Soviet or Romanian level tyranny straight across the board, but I don’t want to wait ’til it gets that bad. It’s bad enough now. It needs to stop. America, WAKE UP! Merriam-Webser online defines tyranny as: 1. oppressive power; 2. a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler; 3. a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force; 4. an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act. By my reckoning we have three outta four.

Lest this should be perceived as solely blaming democrats, they could not be getting away with all this if the other party was not doing its job. Therefore, most of them are complicit too. So many other things could be metioned, like Obamacare for one. But, the point is government has become oppressive and has gotten so blatant and haughty about it, it makes no apology or legitimate attempt at correcting course. That my friends, is tyranny. Tyranny of a nature that got this whole experiment started in 1776.


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