Another gift from God in the garden


The plan was to have a little mini orchard in the little mini condo yard. After a lot of reading the plan was to get one Reed avocado tree and one Sharwil avocado tree.

With those two there would both a type A and B so there would be cross pollination. There’d also year round or nearly year round fruit once they began to bear. Reed’s growth habit is tall and thin. Sharwil’s is shorter than many avocados. Hopefully those growth habits would be easier to heavily prune than some others so there would be compliance and peace in HOA land.

In the last quarter of 2012 I placed an order with a nursery on line for the trees. Reed is not uncommon but Sharwils can be difficult to find. Both rank well in taste tests. Sharwil consistently lands at or very near the top.  The trees were to ship in February or so from a mom and pop nursery farther north in CA. I had never seen or heard of a Sharwil locally.

By the end of March, I had not been billed, nor had I heard anything from the nursery. Late last month, I received an email. The nursery had run out of Sharwils. I could be on the waiting list for next year. They apologized for the late notice as there had been a death in their family. I felt bad for them. I could wait a year. I said a prayer, “Lord, I know it’s not a big deal, but I’d really like to plant my avocados this year. If it’s okay with You, would You work it out so I could plant my trees this year?”

With other things that have since transpired, I kinda forgot that prayer and the trees. I notice the  empty slot where they were to go, but have been busy. Yesterday, I decided to load Luna in the car and go to a nursery that has high quality trees and plants at the Irvine (Not so) Great Park Farmers’ Market.

Unfortunately, the vendor did not have any lemon trees yesterday. He advised the Meyer lemon trees were slow and would not be ready for about six to eight weeks or so. I was bummed as I wanted to buy from him but really don’t want to wait til high heat to plant the tree. Luna and I wandered over to the community garden to see if any UCCE Master Gardeners we know were there.

One of my favorites, a retired Marine who I have often worked with in the orchards was there. He and a friend were taking a lunch break so Luna and I joined them. When I told him about the lemon and the avocados he told me he had seen a Sharwil at a small nursery in Fallbrook recently and gave me their card.  After a nice visit, we went home and I sent the Nursery an email as they were closed and that’s what their website said to do.

As the day wore on and there was no reply, I called. No answer. Still no machine or message with hours, etc. I called a bit later and a man answered on the first ring. He checked stock. Two Sharwils. He had plenty of Reeds and Meyers. Probably wouldn’t get more Sharwils til later in June. It was almost two. They closed  at four today. I asked him to put the nicer Sharwil aside as I was on my way.

Luna and I made the one and a half hour drive. We got to the small and slightly remote location. The man we spoke to on the phone was a young guy. Gentle and quiet and quite pierced. The place was very mom and pop and bare bones. Wouldn’t fly with real housewives of Orange County types. So I knew why the former Marine chuckled a little but didn’t give details as to why.

I got outta there with great customer service and three nice little trees for $54 even – including taxes. Even with gas for the trip that’s less than I would have spent locally – and still haven’t been able to find a Sharwil locally.

I thanked God on the way home. For a safe trip. A new resource for garden stuff. And for the tree and the prayer for it I had almost forgotten about.

Another little reminder that God hasn’t forgotten the desires of my heart even when it seems that way. There are still a couple things that seem really big to me that I am waiting on. Right now, I am gonna focus on what’s at hand. And taking care of another little reminder of His love that will hopefully grow strong and bear much fruit in the future. And guacamole!


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