There are reunions for the sake for celebrating milestones, or sentimentality, or blood ties. And then there are re-unions. The kind where you get together with folks you love so much and are so close to that even though you are reuniting, it’s almost as though you’ve never really left. Getting back together flows so naturally it’s almost like you’ve never been apart – except for a little time and physical convenience of proximity.

I was blessed with one such reunion about two weeks ago in northern Arizona and had the good fortune to be part of such again tonight. My immediate family and a family we did so very much with back in the day got together for our favorite pizza tonight at my folks’.

That entire family relocated to Washington state a few years back leaving an empty space in our hearts and more spaces in our calendars – especially around the holidays, and church related gatherings.

But how wonderful to share a meal together again out on the patio followed by a volleyball game. Perhaps even more loud and raucous than in the past as numerous children have been added (in my case only a dog so far. But, boy was she a hit!)

It’s truly re-union when it’s just as warm and comfortable and lacking in pretense as it always was. No nervousness. No posing. No striving to impress – because you know you are walking a  path of unconditional love and acceptance together the way it has always been. I want more of my relationships to be continual re-unions -especially with my Christian brothers and sisters.


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