the trees have eyes III



little things

The last three days have brought about a change in my daily routine. Gone are the luxurious warm showers before work or after CrossFit. At the start of the work week I quickly figured out standing in the shower that there was not and would not be hot water.

A family member was going to come over and check it out and see if he could fix it, but he became ill. So, last night, another came over. Re-lit the pilot light. I was so exhausted last night, instead of taking a shower I slept in the skanky clothes, reserving the restored luxury for before work.

WRONG! Icier and colder than previous attempt. On day two, thought I was smart and pulled a Little House on the Prarie trick and boiled a kettle of water and put in in the tub. But… I had added too much cold water so my bath was cold – which was better than arctic. But, as a chick who is obsessive about having smooth legs, cold water is not the best plan of action for shaving one’s legs.

While I really miss the hot water, its absence helps me to recall and appreciate more one of the blessings I take for granted several times every day when I turn any tap all the way to the left and have ample hot water in seconds.

Crossing my fingers as I read tonight on the web that many folks with Kenmore Power MIser 12 (as in twelve year – cough cough) water heaters have experienced the same problem. Apparently the design allows for a couple or three scenarios that restrict oxygen to the flame. Think I’m gonna try the super discount fixes before shopping for new water heater as they’re not free and groceries continue to get more costly.

Lord, not to belittle scripture, but would you send an angel to light the pilot and make it stick? Kind of a more mild Elijah v. the prophets of Baal deal? (Without the Jezebel and total incineration.)

So, to do list tomorrow features some new stuff at the top. In the mean time, there is plenty of cool and refreshing on hand for the three digit heat forecast for this weekend. And a refresher for yours truly on the many many blessings of God in my life that I daily take for granted. Thank You, Lord!



under the eave

The four babies resting after their mother fed them and left.

The four babies resting after their mother fed them and left.


Four baby sparrows. Photos obtained by placing a precarious piano bench on my parents’ porch and shooting above my line of sight with the trusty Lumix pocket camera in the less than ten minutes from the time their mother left to the time I had to leave.

Disturbed by the camera lens, aroused babies clamor for some food.

Disturbed by the camera lens, aroused babies clamor for some food.