red flags

     The recent Confederate flag hub bub is extremely interesting to me. Never have and never will be an advocate of slavery or treating people as less than due to their racial, cultural, ethnic, educational, economic status, etc. That said, I am a staunch advocate of The First Amendment (among others!).
The fact that a red flag all of the sudden becomes a major issue for so many when a few months ago -or years ago- it was not is a red flag to me.
Sickeningly, nine innocent people were callously murdered. Dare I say martyred? People are outraged (rightfully) but more so because they were cut down by an unwell looking WHITE guy. (Is he really white? How do we know? -an NAACP head was questioning her race. She was black until she wasn’t.) But, this rapidly turns into a drama about a flag! So much so that a toy company pulls the flag off the Dukes’ of Hazard General E. Lee, and folks wanna behead, deface, and or start getting rid of other historical references to Confederate folks.
Where does this stop? Does all historic World War II memorabilia have the swastika replaced with an asterisk? If the star and crescent on a mosque offends the mother of a slain Marine or soldier must it be taken down?
Everyone is worked into a lather over an historic flag (that can also be viewed in the context of a sister to the Don’t Tread on Me rattlesnake flag.)
Not hearing much besides deathly quiet crickets on Congress selling us down the river with a fast track trade bill. You hear that giant sucking sound Ross Perot talked about? That’s your national sovereignty being vacuumed away like a baby in a Planned Parenthood clinic. Pelosi style- pass it to see what’s in it. Not the sound of freedom, but the sound of Congressional Treason.
Everyone is worried about restricting others’ free speech rights ‘cuz they hurt your feelings or bruise your sensitivites. Fine. …Until they come for your Bible, your cross, your sports team’s name, …your fill in the blank.
There are those who feel The Stars and Stripes is a symbol of oppression -do we have to dump it for them?? Native Americans have a very legit gripe with us and our flag. What should it be replaced with? The UN banner?
Folks, it’s the right to free speech. There is no right to be free of hurt feelings. Take your eyes off the historic red flag and look at the red flags whipping in the winds of change all around you. The ones that matter. Your freedom has been stolen and most don’t even know it yet. Perhaps the Confederate flag is the one that should replace the Stars and Stripes. We have been made slaves to our government and we are too busy with bread, circus, and manufactured crises to realize it.

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