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gunsmoke and guardian angels

The page crashes every time I try to load a photo today. So, offering a much needed gratitude instead:

Yesterday, was a typical, good enough but uneventful day of taking the typical for granted. Until I made that same left turn after the arrow turned green. After my vehicle was well into the intersection, it was clear an oncoming vehicle was not going to stop for the red.

There was the simultaneous speeding and slowing of the moment. The attempt to swerve and evade. (Witnesses said my driving kept a third car unscathed and prevented me taking a more critical hit.) The sound. That super loud BANG. The unexpected smell of gun powder*.  Sensations of shock, pain, gratitude, grief, and get this thing out of the intersection before something worse happens at rush hour. Disappointment that a vehicle still new and being payed for is damaged.

Thankfully, there were witnesses. Faith in humanity was given a good boost as a number of folks ran over to check and help. The Sheriff’s dispatcher hung up after chiding me for not being loud enough over the sound of the door dinging. Glad others had phones that could be heard.

Paramedics came and went. The other party came back to the scene. The deputies and accident investigator came and went. My dog appears fine – her owner a little worse for the wear but with no apparent major injuries after a trip to the ER later in the evening for blurring vision which now, thankfully, seems resolved.

And in the aftermath of ice and Ibuprofen (had to buckle on this one), rental cars and insurance red tape, there is gratitude. Everyone walked away. No blood. No jaws of life. And a reminder that Some One prevented what could have beens from being. I didn’t see the gunsmoke or the guardian angels, but know they were there. Thank You!

And ya’ll please watch those weary holiday drivers and buckle up! xo

*Apparently the substance that ignites the airbags uses a mix with some of the same components as gunpowder per one of the deputies.